Race Conditions

One commit at a time

  • What Makes a Good Technologist

    A recent job application asked me to reflect on the characteristics that define a good data scientists. I really liked the question and the kinds of thoughts it generated in my mind, so I decided to poke around this topic a bit more and think about the kinds of qualities that make a good technologist. The term technologist is quite broad in scope - indeed, most of the appliances we use in every day life (including writing - the applicance I’m using to communicate with right now!

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  • Working With Kubernetes Deployments

    When I first started working with Kubernetes Deployments, the defacto way to create a deployment was to write up some configuration into a YAML file and run kubectl --namespace=<somespace> apply -f <file>. This made it easy to make changes to the deployment later. Simply, make the required changes in the file and run kubectl --namespace=<somespace> apply -f <filename>. However, recently after following some Google Kubernetes Engine tutorials, I’ve gotten into a habit of creating deployments using the kubectl --namespace=<somespace> run command.

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  • Notes on Interviewing for Python Developer Roles

    A few months ago, I opened my Twitter DMs for questions about tech interviews for Python developer roles. I received lots of great questions from junior developers looking for their first software engineering role and from more experienced developers looking to make a change to Python development. Because there seems to be sufficient interest in interviewing for Python dev roles, I’ve decided to compile the notes that I’ve taken over my four years of interviewing for Python developer roles and publish them here for the benefit of anyone applying or thinking of applying for a Python developer job.

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  • Software Engineer Contracting in the UK

    Last summer, I handed in my resignation at BigCorp. Although there is no doubt that some personal exhaustion played a role in my decision to leave, the main catalyst was the professional wall that I had reached as a software engineer. The system I had built and maintained for the past months was stable. We were just reaching the final stages of improvements that would fix the last remaining niggles.

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  • Hello Again, World!

    I have been blogging about the technology industry, software engineering and machine learning for a while over at winterflower.github.io. Recently, I’ve also accumulated lots of notes about various technical and tech career related topics that I would like to share and so I’m starting up a new blog, here at race-conditions. As some of you may know, I left my permanent software engineer position last July to focus on bootstrapping an open source technology company here in London.

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